Golden retriever Car Seat Covers Ja31HV


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Golden Car Seat Covers - The Best Choice For Those Who Love Golden  & Car

Covering your car, truck, or SUV's seats can keep your interior looking new for resale, cover existing damage, or even personalize your interior to suit your taste and interest. A car is one of the most expensive purchases the average person makes in their life, so it is wise to consider ways of protecting its value and ensuring the longest service life possible.

Seat covers can protect your seats from UV rays, spills, kids, pets, work, tools, entry/exit friction, food, sweat, and a never-ending list of everyday activities that wear out seats. Seat covers can also increase comfort - with added padding, and insulation from cold/heat.


Golden Retriever Car Seat Covers Ja31HV Details

  • Constructed with high quality polyester micro-fiber fabric for maximum durability and comfort.
  • Add style to your seats while protecting them from spills, stains, tearing, fading and more.
  • Designed for quick and easy installation on most car and SUV bucket style seats – no tools required.
  • Elastic backing and fastening system ensures a snug and secure universal fit on most standard car and SUV seats.
  • Not for use on seats with integrated airbags, seatbelts or armrests.


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    Golden Retriever Car Seat Covers  Installation

    Common Q&A

    Which types of car do these car seat covers fit?

    >> The car seat covers are fit on most standard cars and SUV bucket style seats.

    Is it difficult to install these ones in my car seat?

    >> No, it isn’t.  You can install the covers on your car seat easily and quickly without using any tools.

    What materials are the products made of?

    >> All the car seat covers are made of high-quality polyester micro-fiber fabric for maximum durability and comfort

    Are they machine-washable?

    >> It’s better if you can hand-wash them.

    Will the colors in the car seat covers fade once I wash them?

    >> Absolutely not! Our car seat covers are each printed using high technology to ensure the color durability.

    How many days will I be received my items after ordering?

    >> It normally takes 2 to 5 weeks for you to receive your items after ordering

    Can I change my order after ordering?

    >> You are only able to change or even cancel your order within first 12 hours since you ordered item(s) on our store. After the first 12 hours, your order will be processed to print automatically so you can't implement any changes.

    What should I do if the items unluckily are defective, damaged or wrong, etc?

    >>In this case, we will take full responsibilities by offering you a full refund or sending you other products without any additional costs and you do not need to return the wrong items.